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Sleazy Sunday: Back From The Dead

by Ante Topic
Sleazy Sunday

Hello and welcome back to Sleazy Sunday! It’s been a while so let’s get down to business!

Kissin’ Dynamite are in their homeland, Germany tonight but tomorrow, the bus is heading to Belgium!

Hardcore Superstar are heading to Japan at the end of November! They’ll be in Tokyo on the 28th and Osaka on the 29th. Tickets are almost sold out.

Snakebite are live in Schwerte on Halloween!

Night Laser are back in action on the 3rd of November! They’ll be joining Hammer King and Wolfen for a wild night at Paul’s Savanne!

Big news from Catalano camp! Here’s a quote from their page:

We are stoked to announce that guitar tracking for the new Catalano album has begun tonight, 9 track full-length powerstation and it is being produced by none other than the great king of sonic strength himself, Mr Voya Milutinovic of Bad Moon Born!
This monster is going to kill and kill and keep on killing!

Dangerous Curves seem to be shooting a new music video!

L.A. Cobra were having a Halloween party on Saturday night at the Rumours. And even bigger news is they will be opening a pair of shows for Judas Priest in March of 2019!

Shiraz Lane were also throwing a Halloween party in Helsinki with The Cruel Intentions among others.

The last few updates from Bloody Heels were that the bass tracks are being recorded. And the drum are completed.

Last Friday Windor’s hottest sleaze band Love Razer played the Creatures Of The Night party at the Rockstar Music Hall.

Nasty Ratz are busy making brand new music video!

Temple Balls are about to release new single “Kill The Voice” on 2nd November!

Double Raw have a new video coming out soon for the song “Pure Will” but there’s still no official release date.

Video Of The Week (22nd to 28th of November)

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