Home News Slave Pit announces “Massacre on the Battlefield” in November 2018

Slave Pit announces “Massacre on the Battlefield” in November 2018

by Ivona Bogner

Bulgarian thrash metal band Slave Pit announces debut album “Massacre on the Battlefield” in November 2018.

The band was formed in Skopje (Macedonia) in 2005 by Ilija Panov (bass) and Sasko Mojsov (guitar). At forst they played various metal genres: death metal, black metal, thrash metal…

The first band name was Nuclear Blood. After they recorded tow songs, the band was dismissed. Band members started playing in two bands: Poltergeist and Knights of Honor. In 2011, Nuclear Blood was reborn taking a thrash metal course. Between 2001 and 2013, the band recorded three instrumental songs. As the songs “Artillery Barrage” and “At War with People” were made, Nuclear Blood changed their name to Slave Pit inspired by late Dave Brockie (GWAR).

In 2014 Slave Pit started working seriously and released EP “At War with People” that included five songs.

Sasko Mojsov, founding member, moved to Sofia, Bulgaria where he gathered new crew.

So far, Slave Pit have over than 80 shows behind. They were rewarded for the best thrash metal song in 2015 “Artillery Barrage”.

Slave Pit released two lyrics  videos: “R.I.P. In Hell” and “Artillery Barrage” which was chosen for Metal Hymn in 2015 and the best thrash metal song of the year in Macedonia.

In November 2018, Slave Pit announced debut album “Massacre on the Battlefield” which will be followed by mini tour with Scaffold and Rapid Force.

Slave Pit – Massacre on the Battlefield 

Intro / Radiation

Artillery Barrage

At War With People

Ancient Disease

Fire Madness

R.I.P. in Hell

Massacre on the Battlefield

Sound of Destruction


Ruka Metalna (feat. Bojan Kuga)

Slave Pit are:

Sasko Mojsov (vocal, lead guitar)

Ivan Petkov (guitar)

Kamen Milkov (drums)

Zdravko Mihajlov (Bass)


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