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SKELETON PIT release new video for “Violent Raid”

by Vjeran

Their sophomore album “Lust To Lynch” set to be released on October 23rd via MDD.

German thrash metal collective Skeleton Pit have published a new video for “Violent Raid”, a little snack to whet the appetite!

The video was shot during August and September in the Bar Noir under the direction of Grafikschmiede/Michael Heim.

“Lust To Lynch” was recorded by the band and mixed and mastered by Marcel Kühn at Clydefrog Studio. From now on, the album (CD and Vinyl) is also available for pre-order and bundle promotions on the band and label websites.


1. Lust To Lynch 
2. Violent Raid 
3. Plague Of Violence
4. Skullsolitting Attack 
5. Thrashorcism
6. Like Vultures
7. Awaken The Claw
8. Last Blood 
9. Challenge To Kill 
10. The Evil Horde

Order: MDD Shop: http://mdd-records.de/skeletonpit. (CD + Vinyl + Bundles)

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