Home News Skanners reveal new lyric video for “Back To The Past”!

Skanners reveal new lyric video for “Back To The Past”!

by Ivona Bogner

They are one of the longest-running and beloved band of the Italian Metal scene with a career that now comes close to four decades, Skanners have no intention of stopping their race. Following their successful album “Temptation” released on Alpha Omega Records, the band reveals a new single.

The song has been chosen by the band for its clear references to the past, without nostalgic feelings, but a proud look at a story that will see its end when the time comes. Certainly not soon.

Joy and pain, sweat and fatigue, disappointments and satisfactions: feelings that make a band’s career something unique and true. This is what Skanners want to celebrate together with their fans.

For the video the band worked with the famous video maker Stefano Mastronicola, who used some rare photos taken from the band’s historical archive.

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