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Sisters Of Suffocation release new lyric video for “Little Shits”!

by Ivona Bogner

The female dominated Dutch Death Metal squad Sisters Of Suffocation releases its second video from the upcoming album “Humans Are Broken” for their new single “Little Shits”. It’s as raw and energetic statement against all sexists and haters that didn’t take the band serious because of their gender.

The band on the new video:

This song is about doing what you love and following your dreams, regardless of what other people may think of it. It is about diversity and equality, as well as having a passion for music and living for it to the fullest. It is about being yourself and trying to deal with people putting you down due to ignorant views and blatant prejudice. Finally, it is about overcoming negativity and putting your foot down, cause noone has to take shit from another person simply because they live their lives and love it. We hope you all enjoy it; we certainly do! Also: big shout out to Marc van Peski for the live pics in the video.

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