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SEVENTH STATION’s Next Single “The Ruthless Koba” Reflects A Soviet Union Childhood

by Natas Dog

Slovenian progressive metallers Seventh Station will be presenting their second album “Heal the Unhealed” this coming November. The record is an international effort – rehearsed and recorded through five different studios on three continents ranging from the United States, Slovenia, and Turkey. Full of magnificent sweeps, heavy riffs, and intricate melodies, the band creates an eclectic progressive experience.

For this sophomore effort, band founder and guitarist Dmitri Alperovich wanted to bring his personal point of view from his roots growing up as a Soviet Union child before his family moved to Israel, before finally settling in Slovenia.

“I went through a lot of different circumstances and the processes of adaptation for each country – also resulting in anxiety and panic attacks after all these significant paradigm shifts. Heal The Unhealed is a personal reflection on these experiences and the psychological states they brought, voiced through different characters, including the primary actors of the conditions I had back in the Soviet Union,” adds Alperovich.

Today, Seventh Station presents a studio video for their third single “The Ruthless Koba”, which is an original arrangement of Dmitri Shostakovich’s 10th Symphony – 2nd Movement (op. 93).

Alperovich explains the song in further detail: “This instrumental track is an original arrangement of a classical orchestral epic, Dmitri Shostakovich’s 10th Symphony, second movement. The arrangement was written by Dmitri Alperovich and it’s the second part of the Soviet Union / Stalin trilogy. The original movement is a description by Shostakovich, of the circumstances and conditions through Stalin’s evilness as the ruler of the Soviet Union. It was very important for us to represent the atmosphere of the original work, so we made a great effort to both respects and celebrate it through the arrangement decisions. Koba was the nickname that Stalin was given by his close friends and the name of the track is an attempt to show the duality between the “friendly” Koba and the ruthless dictator.”

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