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Serbian thrashers Kuga just released a new album!

by Miloš Šebalj

Seven years after their highly acclaimed debut, Kuga has released a new album! The album is called “Vatra u nama” (The fire in us) and contains 8 new songs, including the previously published single “Djavoli, ja i ti” for which an official video was made.

The label responsible for the release is Belgrade based One Records. This is the complete track list:

1. Sablasni tron

2. Samo bol

3. Krvava Ulica

4. Demonske struje

5. Ko je kriv?

6. Pakleni ratnici

7. Vatra u nama

8. Djavoli, ja i ti

At the same time, Kuga, in association with One Records, released a digitally remastered version of their debut album, which also includes 10 bonus tracks. The songs in question were originally published on Kuga’s live album “Live in Belgrade 2006”, and also on their maxi single release called “Lusija”.The album “Najcrnje Noći” was originally released back in 2011. by Mexican label Sade Records.

Kuga was founded back in 2003, and at the moment is one of the longest running still active Metal bands in Serbia. Their mixture of Thrash Metal and traditional Heavy Metal is well recognized among the fans in Serbia and former Yugoslav republics. Best known for their energetic live performances, Kuga claims their seat among the veterans of the scene.

Both albums are available on CD and can be ordered directly from the label or the band at:



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