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Sensory Amusia to release new EP in August

by Mislav Mihaljević

Sensory Amusia will release new EP “Bereavement” in August, 2020 via Lacerated Enemy Records. “Decibel” has premiered the EP’s first single, “Death,” which features a guest appearance from The Amenta vocalist Cain Cressell. 

Sensory Amusia represent the vanguard of heavy music for the modern era. The style is one of supreme chaotic death metal with elements of hardcore and grind. Razor guitar riffs, insane blast beats and violent vocals unleash an onslaught of misery and devastation. With influences from Benighted, Aborted and Dying Fetus, Sensory Amusia’s complex and grooving death jams are just the tip of the iceberg for this 3-piece monstrosity.

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