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SENSORY AMUSIA Premiere Title Track from Upcoming Album ‘Breed Death’

by Vjeran

Australian Death Metal trio SENSORY AMUSIA have joined forces with Toilet ov Hell for the premiere of the title track from forthcoming album Breed Death. Sensory Amusia will release Breed Death on May 27 through Lacerated Enemy Records.

Sensory Amusia is a modern take on death metal. Inspired by the grooves of death metal/hardcore, such as Dying Fetus and Misery Index, blended with the ferocity of technical metal such as Cryptopsy and Aborted.

The band released the following statement concerning the upcoming album: “Breed Death is about a disgust for the worst side of humanity. It is the negative and hateful feelings you suppress deep inside in order to function and live a normal life. We wanted to unleash the beast. Our previous releases In Extremis and Bereavement were about the fragility of life and death, and later accepting and living with death – inspired by our personal experiences. Breed Death is the final hell, portrayed through a fictitious character’s slowly decaying mind.”

Track Listing:
1. Birth through Violence
2. Yersinia Pestis
3. Vermin
4. Parasitic Alteration
5. Vulgar Thoughts of Carnage
6. Bind Torture Kill
7. A Blank Canvas of Flesh
8. Breed Death

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