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Schultz released video for “I Hate You feat Tom La Ruffa”

by Ivona Bogner

Schultz presents new album “Shot of Pain” available on the 6th of May 2019 via legendary label BLC Productions (Agonoize, Alien Vampire etc).

The band states:

To celebrate our new album release called “Shot Of Pain” the 06th May on US label BLC productions we have released the 15th January our new video “I Hate You feat Tom La Ruffa”.

This new album is a real change in the career of the artist, who has so far composed albums more oriented Harsh, Noise or Industrial Rhythmic before taking decision in 2014 to have a break in his career. After the release in 2017 on the DBSP label of the mini album “Raw Fucking Power feat Vdrey” with his partner Vdrey always in a more electro / industrial style, the artist thinks how to define a new sound for his works without idea at this time if a new album was born from this reflection.

He played in January 2018 his last concert with Vdrey during the Industrial Festival of Cannes, opening for Clan of Xymox and Dirk Irvens joined on stage by Vdrey (performer), Guitarfox (live guitar) and Sandy Dynamite(dance performer).

Some days after he meet in a bar in Nice Patrick Emonts (Studio Tremplin) with whom he had worked twenty year ago in another music project, this one offering to Sschultz to visit his new recording studio.

They work for pleasure on a track, “My Wish”. This was the trigger for both of them, making them want to go further. Schultz contacted Guitarfox, for recording some guitar parts on tracks and the project was built month after month giving this album.

Started in March 2018, this album of 12 tracks contains re‐work tracks and new tracks but is also an opportunity to invite friends like Pierre Corre (Ex‐Grayssoker) Clément Palomba (Grayssoker) and his metal accordion or KB, the legendary singer of Ludwig Von 88 on a track written by himself and of course Vdrey on vocals on several tracks, photographer for the cover illustrated by the wrestler from WWE Tom La Ruffa.

From a solo or duo project, Schultz is now a real band ready to conquer the world with Guitarfox (guitar), Sandy Dynamite (live dancer/performer), Franz Schultz (vocals and machines) and Artsoudmix on sound mixing and sound production.

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