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by Vjeran

Israeli progressive metallers SCARDUST have released a new music video for ‘Break The Ice‘.

The track is taken from their new album ‘Strangers‘, which was released on October 30th, 2020 via M-Theory Audio

SCARDUST Further Explores New Album’s Concept In Music Video For ‘Break The Ice‘. Israeli progressive/symphonic metal group’s sophomore LP ‘Strangers’ continues to win acclaim.

Following a wave of conceptually-driven music videos from their acclaimed new album “Strangers” – hailed by Sonic Perspectives as “progressive metal album-of-the-year material” – Israel’s  SCARDUST have given fans a candid peek behind the scenes with their latest clip, “Break The Ice.” The video, which showcases stages of the album’s production and recording process from both before and after the global coronavirus outbreak.

We all experience moments in life,” says vocalist Noa Gruman, “when we feel like we can’t possibly go on without a helping hand. ‘Break The Ice’ is about feeling trapped in the cold and longing for a savior. In the video, we give an inside look into the process of creating and producing our new album. Recording started before the pandemic hit, and it continued through lockdowns and quarantines. The world trapped us and everyone who was involved in creating this album, but no savior came to get us out – we had to do that ourselves. Together, we were our own saviors.

Strangers” – which can be streamed on all major digital platforms or purchased on CD and limited-edition gray smoke vinyl at https://smarturl.com/scardust2020 – is a unique concept album built of complementary song pairs working from the outside in. Several recently-released music videos, which can be seen at www.youtube.com/Scardust, further demonstrate the degree to which different tracks from the album are thematically connected, a trend that will continue when a companion clip for “Break The Ice” will be released next month.


Noa Gruman – Vocals
Yanai Avnet – Bass
Yadin Moyal – Guitar
Itai Portugali – Keyboards
Yoav Weinberg – Drums

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