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SCARDUST Release ‘Addicted’ Music Video

by Metal Jacket

Israeli progressive metal wizards SCARDUST have released a music video for ‘Addicted‘ , the track is taken from their new album ‘Strangers‘, which will be released on  October 30th, 2020 via M-Theory Audio

In Tantibus II we met the one who decided to disconnect from reality into her own mind, and now in Addicted we find that there is someone who cares about her. She tries to show her the meaning of addiction, and explain to her that she is running away instead of facing reality. This video shows us the passage between the worlds of reality and addiction. The character in Addicted can walk freely between those worlds, she is neither stuck nor fighting to get out. The choir represents the way out, and the string quartet represents the way in.

SCARDUST has also launched the “Mist Cover Challenge”, an invitation for fans to play or sing along with the final minute of the new song “Mist”, the closing track of “Strangers”, with the chance of winning a deluxe package of signed CD and vinyl copies of “Strangers”, a new design SCARDUST t-shirt and guitar picks. Join the challenge here: https://scardust.co/mist-cover-challenge

Vocalist Noa Gruman explains,

Strangers deals with the concept of being estranged. Written from multiple perspectives, it explores the ways in which people can be estranged from one another, from themselves, from society, from their loved ones and even from their own subconscious. After the overture, which introduces musical themes, the album separates into two parts. Every song from the second part is a mirror image of a parallel song in the first. Each pair of songs tells the story of a pair of strangers. They can be played together as a standalone piece, as individual songs or as part of the album, whatever the listener’s heart desires.

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