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Saxon’s Biff Byford is working on material for his solo album!

by Mislav Mihaljević
Biff Byford

Saxon is on the road promoting their new album, Thunderbolt, but the band’s legendary frontman Biff Byford still has a lot of fuel left in the tank!

Biff Byford has confirmed in a recently done interview that he is working on material for his upcoming solo album. When asked if the record will be different from the music he composes with Saxon, Biff replied:

I think it’s probably gonna be a bit more rock and roll, a bit more classic rock. I mean, I’ve got seven songs, and it’s quite mixed, really. But I’ll have to wait and see. I’m writing on the road already. I’m writing some stuff with Nibbs, I’m writing a bit of stuff on my own. We finish touring here in May, in America. I think we’ve only got two weeks off, and we start again. So I’m gonna try to get some time. It’s the writing that takes the time, not the recording. You can record things really quickly.

Saxon’s “Thunderbolt” was released on February 2 via Militia Guard (Silver Lining Music). The follow-up to 2015’s “Battering Ram” was once again helmed by producer Andy Sneap, who has previously worked with Judas Priest Megadeth, Accepth and Testament, among others. The disc features original artwork by longtime Saxon collaborator Paul Raymond Gregory.

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