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Saxon to headline Zaječarska gitarijada!

by Ivona Bogner

British heavy metal legends Saxon will headline Zaječarska gitarijada, that will be held for the 52ed time in the city of Zaječar.

Biff Byford, Nibbs Carter, Nigel Glockler, Paul Queen and Doug Scarratt will open manifestation in the city of Zaječar on June 28, 2018.

Saxon released “Thunderbolt”, their latest album on February 2ed, 2018. Biff Byford announced Thunderbolt tour:

Ok this is part 1 of the colossal Thunderbolt World tour we’re going to be touring the whole of 2018 so get your tickets and join the ride. It’s gonna be fast and furious, dark and brooding.
Monumental riffing and screaming vocals loud and proud it’s going to be a Saxon tour, unique in every way.

The concert in Serbia will be unique since traditionally, entrance to Zaječarska gitarijada, so as the camp, is free of charge.


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