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SARCOFAGUS Release The Very First/Last Cassette EP “Abscence of Light”!

by Metal Jacket

SARCOFAGUS, The Godfathers of Finnish Heavy Metal, fronted by filmmaker and musician Kimmo Kuusniemi, at the end of 2020 declared the band has returned to the Valley Of The Kings.

Kimmo Kuusniemi, Ex Sarcofagus: “Well, I was sure Sarcofagus will not die easily 🙂 “Absence Of Light” was meant to be the title of the last Sarcofagus album release but before it was recorded I had decided it was time for Sarcofagus to go back to the Valley Of The Kings.

Toni Hietomaa made the fantastic cover for the album and now it is rightly the cover of this Compact Cassette release.

This is also a perfect end release for Sarcofagus. The first album was called “Cycle Of Life”. This release could have also been called “Cycle Closes” as it has the 1st single “Go To Hell/All Those Lies” from 1979. Then it has new versions of “Go To Hell” and “Astral Flyer”.

All these are sung by the original singer Hannu Leiden.

One reason why the “Absence Of Light” Album did not get finished was that in 2019, before the Covid, I thought that as the world was  just getting darker and darker and because of the doomsday lyrics on the album I decided it was  time to do something new! 

So now I have been working for over a year on a new project, I call the music style “Nu World Music” 🙂 I have great musicians on it like violin player Tuomas Rounakari (Korpiklaani) and Bass player Steve Digiorgio (Testament). More about this project soon.

There are also available for order on www.sarcofagus.com “Absence Of Light” T Shirt and Poster to commemorate the end of an era.”

Watch podcast with Kimmo Kuusniemi.

The very first/last cassette EP of the Godfather of Finnish Heavy Metal!!! “Abscence of Light” EP contains the very first single from 1979 and two re-recorded tracks (recorded in 2008) with the original members. Back when men dressing in black leather, wearing makeup and wielding occult regalia were most likely to be targets for bottle throwing competitions at the rock clubs, one man by the name of Kimmo Kuusniemi hit the scene with the heavy sounds of the damned, shooting fire from his guitar and developing his stage shows around the mysteries of ancient Egypt and black magic. The “Go to Hell” single release from his brainchild SARCOFAGUS in 1979 went down in history as the first pure Finnish Heavy Metal release.

Limited to 41 copies on red cassettes, with 37 mm pin buttons (four different designs by T. Kannibalet Hietomaa Art) and 9×6 cm stickers. 

Order: https://old-skull-productions.soldigo.com/sarcofagus-absence-of-light_286309

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