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SAINTED SINNERS with new Video “Same Ol’ Song”

by Vjeran

A week before the release of the new album “Unlocked & Reloaded”, the SAINTED SINNERS, completely re-composed by BONFIRE guitarist Frank Pané, are adding another pre-release single, which will surely make the hearts of 80s Melodic fans beat faster.

“Same Ol’ Song ”is the name of the up-tempo masterpiece, of which new singer Jack Meille says in the song-by-song tracks that he had the lyrics well before the song and that these lyrics were just waiting for the right song!

Tracklist SAINTED SINNERS – “Unlocked & Reloaded”

Same ol’ song
Standing on top
Early light of day
40 years
The hammer of the gods
Free to be
I can’t wait
Stone cold sober
Call it love
Wall of sound
Farewell to kings

Sainted Sinners are:
Frank Pané – Guitars
Jack Meille – Vocals
Berci Hirleman – Drums
Ernesto Ghezzi – Keyboards
Rico Bowen – Bass

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