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Sabaton “Carolus Rex” platinum edition out now

by Ivona Bogner

A special platinum edition of “Carolus Rex” is now available, commemorating 300 years since the death of Charles XII of Sweden, whose extraordinary story inspired the album.

The reason the anniversary edition is platinum in colour is because this epic concept album about the Swedish Empire is now a certified four-time platinum seller in Sabaton’s native Sweden.

Bass player Pär Sundstrom said:

It’s an honour to know that so many people in Sweden and around the world have bought, played, shared, talked about and enjoyed this album. We still get messages from music lovers, six years after releasing “Carolus Rex”, saying that this was the album that got them into Sabaton, and that’s great to hear. “Carolus Rex” has a special place in our hearts because it gave us an opportunity to bring some of the history of our own country to a wider audience, and I think that’s why this album resonated so much with Swedish people and has had so much success there.

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