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Rotor returns with two albums after twelve years

by Ivona Bogner

Fans of Hungarian heavy metal band Rotor can mark 15th February in their calendars, as the cultic band makes their comeback with not only one, but two new records in twelve years. Their fifth full-length, titled “Most, vagy soha!” (English: Now or Never!) is going to contain twelve brand new songs and the compilation album “Még élünk” (English: We’re Still Alive!) contains fourteen re-recorded classics from the band’s previous releases, embracing the thirty-three years of their career. Both albums are going to be released via Hammer Records.

“Most, vagy soha!”, the follow-up to 2007’s “Acélba zárva” was recorded in the band’s own studio, “Rotorsound” under the supervision of both guitarists József Plósz and László Ferenczi. The re-recorded version of the track “Rotor 1992” features a number of guest musicians, such as Remo Andrásik (Remo, Rudán Joe Band, Z’Zi-Labor), Attila Novák (Karen Single Band), Zoltán Pereverzia (Ex-Rotor) and Zsolt Szijártó (Kárpátia). Lyrics by modern day poet, Norbert Malejkó is also featured in multiple songs.

Additionally to the new record, another special release is going to see the light of day this February: “Még élünk” features fourteen classic Rotor songs re-recorded and also a two and a half hours long DVD with English subtitles that contains videos and archive footage of the band’s thirty-three years that fans have never seen before, and also interviews of former and current band members.

Drummer Szilárd Fekete commented about the recording process of the albums, and about future plans:

After the release of “Acélba Zárva” we really felt satisfied, like finally everything’s in its place. However soon after we had to part ways with Tomi Szilágyi (guitars) because of musical differences, and János (vocals) was diagnosed with serious diabetes and got hospitalized. So we suddenly hit the bottom. Around that time László, József (guitars) and I started a new project and János joined another band after his recovery. Our record label then came up with the idea of a compilation album, as a way to say farewell to Rotor. To integrate the sound of the old songs, we also had to re-record them. During the recordings we realized that there is so much potential in this band, so we decided to keep on working together. We started working on the new record last year, as the mixing of the compilation album took a little bit longer time than expected. Meanwhile, László kept on coming up with new ideas constantly, so when “Élünk még” was finished, we immediately could continue working in the studio. Now it’s time to book concerts, as we’d like to perform wherever it’s possible. A symphonic project and a book about the band is also in our plans. Meanwhile we’re already working on the next album, and we’re expecting to finish it by the end or this year, or early next year.

Rotor – Most, vagy soha!
1. Rockkal vagyok összenőve
2. Mintha szégyen volna
3. Élünk és meghalunk
4. Győztes akarok lenni
5. Most vagy soha
6. Holló
7. ROTOR_1992
8. Egyedül
9. Sensei
10. Életben maradtunk
11. Suhanunk
12. Rotor szív
13. A rock legyen veletek

Rotor – Még élünk
1. Acélba zárva
2. Befogad az ég
3. Túl mindenen
4. Pokoli éj
5. Egy darab fém
6. Törődj magaddal is
7. Van még remény
8. Metal invázió
10. Metal az Isten
11. Ördögi kör
12. Metalgóc
13. Rock ‘N’ Roll végzet
14. Metalháború
15. Tépj szét minden láncot

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