Home News Rockshots Records presents Saate 3rd single “Exorcise”

Rockshots Records presents Saate 3rd single “Exorcise”

by Ivona Bogner

Saate is an upcoming metal band hailing from Sweden, formed by Stefan Rådlund (guitars) and Robert Ahlenius (bass) from power/prog metal band Binary Creed. Right after the release of Binary Creed’s latest studio album “A Battle Won”, released by Rockshots Records in late 2016, Stefan began to compose new music with the talented singer Rickard Thelin, frontman of a young and promising Swedish band called Summoned Tied. Pretty soon the band forged its own style: a heavy, fresh and modern sound with a traditional metal feeling.

Now, the band presents 3ed single from their album “Sovereign Plea”. Watch below!

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