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Riverside announce a new member, coming back to Serbia as a quartet again


Polish progressive metal Riverside, officially announced they are again a quartet. Four years ago, on February 21, 2016 Piotr Grudzinski, founding member and guitarist of the band for fifteen years sadly passed away. Riverside took a break, but came back in 2018 with new album titled “Wasteland”. During the tour for the mentioned album, they visited, among others, Belgrade in March 2019. Usually when the band says they will be back soon, or next year, it is just a courtesy towards the fans. However, in early 2020 Riverside is embarking on another tour, titled “Wasteland With the Sun”, coming back to Serbia as promised, but this time to Novi Sad. 

In early February, Riverside announced Maciej Meller as their official fourth member and new guitarist on their facebook page. Meller actually is playing with Riverside since 2017, but so far only as a live member, filling in the void left by the late Grudzinski.

Riverside are a quartet again!!!
Dear friends, this is an incredibly important moment in the history of our band. From the beginning of February 2020, Riverside are officially not a trio any more, we are a quartet! It is with incredible joy that we would like to announce that the fourth official member of the band is…
Well, you can’t have expected anyone else? 
He’s been with us for over three years. He let us recover from the tragic loss we have all experienced, he helped us survive and become, from year to year, a better and better live band. He has been our friend and our brother. We are welcoming him in our midst with great joy, in which we hope you will also share!
Ladies and gentlemen, on the guitars in Riverside: Maciej Meller!
Being a good guitarist and loving music is one thing, but being able to fit in with your personality, incredible modesty and humility, that’s an incredibly important thing in our band. Maciej meets all the criteria and we are truly happy that he wants to continue our journey with us.

The band continues:

We still remember. And we still go back to the moment when, after we lost Piotr, in 2016, the massive amount of your support made us continue as Riverside. We were not ready to invite anyone to our family at that time. “Wasteland” had to be recorded as a trio. We simply had to cope with the loss on our own.
Now, it’s high time for Riverside to have a guitarist in the line-up again, not only during live shows but also in the studio, when working on new material. So we are really pleased to let you know that after coming back from the final, spring edition of the Wasteland Tour 2020, together with Maciek, in the new line-up, we will start working on the eighth album.
The upcoming spring concerts will have a different character, a different tone, and Riverside will sound mightier than ever before. We would really like to see you there!
Last but not least – Piotr Grudziński will always be in our hearts, we all still love him and we will never forget him. But we have to move on. We are on a journey, they are waiting for us. There is more to create in this life, more to see, more to know, more to save. We hope that you will decide to stay with us again and that you will let us help one another through all of this.
We are here with you and for you.


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