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Ri Rock Festival 2019: The 41st edition continues with a boosted lineup!

by Vedrana Dobrić
41. Ri Rock

After the first weekend of the 41st Ri Rock Festival, that took place at OKC Palach and  the 2019 Ri Rock statuette Awards were given away for great performances, another festival weekend full of good fun follows up!

The closing nights of the festival, which will take place at the Pogon kulture on December 13th and 14th, will be accompanied by the famous names of the Croatian scene and performances of this year’s winners of the 3 main categories of the Ri Rock statuette Award. On Friday, December 13th, Rijeka’s doom metal band Old Night (Ri Rock statuette 2019 – Artist of the Year) and the unique “Ća metal” band Po ‘Metra Crijeva (Ri Rock statuette 2019 – Album of the Year) will perform with the bands Sexymotherfuckers and Psihomodo pop.

Since its creation in 2009, Zadar’s Sexymotherfuckers have been unique representatives of the Dalmatian “Hop Cup”. In the media, they are best known for their song ” Ajme meni nije mi dobro”, which is widely accepted in Rijeka and with explosive live performances throughout the region.

Psihomodo pop, veterans active for more than 30 years, with each new single and album, remind us why we love that legendary band and their front man Davor Gobac so much. Psihomodo Pop has recently released their 11th studio album “Digitalno nebo” which they will present to Rijeka audiences at the 41st Ri Rock on the third day of the Festival at the Pogon kulture.

Zdenka Kovačiček will perform at the Pogon kulture on the last night of the festival, with accompanying Greenhouse blues band and Edo Maajka & Bend, who will be joined by White on White (Marko Rogić) as the 2019 Ri Rock stetuette winner in the “New Hope” category.

Zdenka Kovačiček, a true icon of Croatian music, one of the most significant figures in the Croatian music scene, and we can freely say “mother” of Croatian rock, jazz and blues. Thanks to the large number of performances on foreign stages, jazz festivals across Europe, she has gained a notable international reputation. In early 2016, he began an intensive collaboration with the Greenhouse blues band. The band has been around for 15 years and is one of the most interesting and busy club bands in the City of Zagreb and beyond. One of the reasons for this is the fact that the band was joined by 4 blowers, mostly members of the Big Band HRT, behind which are numerous appearances with eminent performers of the domestic scene.

Alongside with mother of rock Zdenka Kovačiček, the closing night of the festival will be enhanced by the performance of Edo Maajka, one of the finest MCs in the area. After six years of record break with the album “Put u plus” (2018), he has made a bombastic comeback, followed by an abundance of praise and awards from music connoisseurs. This time, Edo Maajka comes in a different and more intense expression, accompanied by the band, which is why we have no doubt that this performance will greatly contribute to the excellent finale of the 41st Ri Rock Festival.

The same evening, but a bit later, fans of the harsh notes at OKC Palach will have an official after party and a concert by several young bands (Urar, Miscreation and Gilmea), joined by Serbian punk rock band Six Pack and One Step Away.

One Step Away or shorter OSA is a Koprivnica-Varaždin punk rock band that has existed on the scene since 2000. The debut of “V Šumi Drjeva Falidu” was released in 2005 and this album is an important moment of the Croatian underground punk scene. After eleven years of record break, their second album titled “Ni grama srama” was released in 2016, and a video for the song “Nitko i ništa” as well, which further confirmed their quality.

Six Pack hits “Fabrička greška”, “Olovke izlomljenog srca”, “Crveni makovi”, “Nekako najviše me boliš ti” and many others have made the history of punk rock in this region. At the same time sharp in criticism of the society and emotional in love observations, they have exactly hit the topic that they have been identifying themselves with, and which many generations have grown up with. They are also among the first underground bands to break through the borders of Serbia and play almost everywhere, undoubtedly reaching the rank of one of the most important bands in recent regional rock history. The performance in Palach will be their first appearance in Rijeka, a celebration of the band’s 25th anniversary and perhaps one of the last opportunities to see them live.

Everyone is invited to support the work of the Ri Rock Association, and stop by for another weekend filled with great bands. This will surely mark the 41st edition of the Rijeka’s legendary festival!

Friday, 13.12., Pogon kulture – Sexymotherfuckers, Psihomodo pop – 70/90 kn
Saturday, 14.12., Pogon kulture – Zdenka Kovačiček & Greenhouse blues band, Edo Maajka and Band – 70/90 kn
Saturday, 14.12., OKC Palach – Urar, Gilmea, Miscreation, Six Pack, One Step Away – 40/60 kn

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