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Review: Zloslut – Sahar

by Miloš Šebalj

Zloslut – Sahar

Collapsing of Cardinality and the Rising of Absolute

1. The Quest
2. From Where the Light Springs
3. Shadowdwellers Tyranny
4. Of a Nameless Faith
5. To Break the Circle of Saṃsāra
6. Become the Beyond

Label: Morbid Chapel Records
Date: January 15, 2019

If ever I was surprised by an album! I’ve known Zloslut from their humble beginnings, followed it through its “shaky” infancy and lived to hear it in the absolute maturity. Those who followed my writings will know how I feel about most one-man projects. Zloslut was also a one-man project and now there is a full line-up present. And they release an album like this! Coincidence?

Zloslut started as a fairly primitive Black Metal band. There were always tendencies towards growth and now they are here to be recognized. Long years of hard work have paid off in full. Serbian quartet spews forth a marvelously decorated album. Black Metal is still the genre to look for, but this is surely what they were intended to from day one. They just needed to pick up the know-how. Versatility is the key, all through these 50 minutes of music. Yes, there are 50 (and more) minutes on these 7 tracks, which means they are quite long. Yes, the songs are arranged to perfection. I guess that’s where these 4 years, since the previous album, went to. Zloslut doesn’t stray to the overly technical side of music though. Every tone played here serves the purpose of the composition.

Guitar work is exquisite, so that even in those fast, more primitive parts, you don’t feel like you’ve heard it all before. There are even nicely built solo parts. One can easily feel the dark aura surrounding the release and that is mostly the “fault” of guitars. Bass lines do not fall to the background, so you get the necessary depth to the sound. Drum patterns are some of the most creative I have heard in a long while. The piece that Zloslut missed the most on the previous efforts are the vocal arrangements. This time it is all done the way it should be. Apart of the traditional screams, there is some chanting too. I didn’t get the lyric sheet, so I can only guess what they are singing about, but it seems they have gone to the, now popular, side of lyrical mysticism. And don’t take this as a bad thing. Zloslut does create something you will not be able to “place in a folder” so easily. I’ve been thinking of a possible comparison for a while now and have thought of a lot of names. None of them fit quite well.

Black Metal has come a long way from its inception and so has Zloslut. At this point this is a force to be reckoned. This album simply shows that Black Metal still has a lot to offer. Don’t trust my words, check it out yourselves.

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