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Review: Wombripper – From The Depths Of Flesh

by Miloš Šebalj

Wombripper – From The Depths Of Flesh

  1. Still Unborn
  2. Immolation Rites
  3. Torn by the Nails
  4. Frantic Exhumation
  5. Restless
  6. The Suicidal Recreation
  7. Locked in the Iced Coffin
  8. Godless Slaughter (In the Name of Doom)
  9. Prenatal Death
Label: Grotesque Sounds / The Ritual Productions
Date: January 26, 2018

I just have to notice! A Russian band with decent English lyrics! I sincerely thought that could never happen. What’s more, the pronunciation is fine too! To be perfectly clear, I’m not talking about Oxford University level here, but still good enough not to ruin your listening experience.

This is a debut full album by this Russian quartet, and to be honest, I can’t find too much to complain about. Well, the cover artwork looks like… Something. I can’t name it, but it could surely be a lot better. Production could have been a bit clearer too. It is a bit muddy, but you should get used to it after a while.

Wombripper is set on the ways of old Death Metal, primarily in the Scandinavian vein, following the “cutting edge sound” invented by Entombed and the likes. On the other hand, one can definitely spot a few US influences. That is especially felt in the slower sections (last verse of “Godless Slaughter” for instance would fit Obituary perfectly). Mad guitar solos sound like early Cannibal Corpse. Gore obsessed lyrics should also bring references to the early scene of Florida. Other than that, “From The Depths Of Flesh” is an early Scandinavian Death Metal textbook. Razor-sharp riffing backed-up by the lightning speed drumming and that familiar “punkish” feeling is what you get here. These guys are not keen on too many slowdowns which, on the one hand, feels like a 35 minute “punch in the face”, while on the other has sort of a feeling that this album consists of one long song. Meanwhile, the Russians make short, concrete songs, hitting hard, fast and “running away”. That is a good thing since this heavy dose of ear “bombing” needs no complications.

This is a solid 35 minute explosion, obviously created by the die-hard fans for the die-hard fans. Seems to me that this album should be rated much higher among the audience than it probably will. If you are looking for a real piece of Death Metal, you should definitely look away from the big names who constantly release mediocre music, and focus on the new sources of relentless energy. Here’s one. You’re welcome!


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