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Review: Wednesday 13- Necrophaze

by Metal Jacket

Wednesday 13- Necrophaze

1. Necrophaze
2. Bring Your Own Blood
3. Zodiac
4. Monster
5. Decompose
6. Be Warned
7. The Hearse
8. Tie Me a Noose
9. Life Will Kill Us All
10. Bury the Hatchet
11. Necrophaze Main Theme (End-credits)
12. Animal (Fuck like a beast)

Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Date: September 27, 2019

After less then two years the American Gothic/Alternative giants Wednesday 13 decided to record  their eight album. Here it is – spookier than ever, but specific in their own style. This is a band that has unique approach to their music-  also their journey started in 2005 and they have behind them seven albums released, since then they made them self’s the true icons in their field , never letting the flame to go off.  

With this record, the stayed true to themselves with the little changes in the sound and approach to their music – but everything else remained the same, also this album reminds me of one of their past releases, and it is ‘’The Dixie Dead’’, absolutely with the lyrics and the riffs, as well the sound, this album is the most closest to this one. They did such an fantastic job mixing some new element’s to this record, creating some special/unique atmosphere – that can be listen with a full passion, while experiencing it.

The opening song “Necrophaze” featuring Alice Cooper in some moments- he added his spookiness in that Alice Cooper one of the kind way, also the song starts with dark Electro Gothic music. From the start this song will keep the listener wondering what this is all about , also what’s the whole album about – continuing with crushing riffs and outstanding drum set that will for sure keep the attention of listeners the whole time. In their own style the band presented this song like a spooky horror theme song – that is just a lullaby from hell.

On the record there are present punk /modern metal influences as well, which is not that much of the surprise – since the band is using this influences in their music, so that it can be fresh and specific in every way. And the result is a super modern metal record, with the sounds and riffs that breaks the walls.

They also added the influences from Rob Zombie on this release, that industrial vibe fused with Electro Gothic music and they are on some songs that are influenced by Electro Gothic music as well, all of this makes the record wicked, interesting and even wild at some point.

The accent is also put on that spooky horror theme, mainly that Gothic spooky vibe – that brings the tension on the whole new level on this record . These songs can be great tunes for 80’s horror movies,  also I can imagine one of this songs – or even all of them in some horror and si-fi movie/movies, they can perfectly be adapted to scenes in movies, that’s for sure.

On this album riffs are mainly in melodic/ groove manner, that are very well adjusted with vocals from Wednesday 13 and the whole compositions of the songs – followed by technically good drum set, balanced with great production – basically indicates that this band brought out the best of them self’s once again, for sure they presented their vision of their music in a right way  – taught, dark and even emotional at some moment’s, this shows as well that band is not afraid to show the ugly side of things through their dark vision of music.

Lyrics on this record, reminded me of the stories of some episodes from some horror series. Each song has  that story-line that describes each chapter on the road to hell.  It’s interesting how the band balanced all of the technical side of the record with the lyrics in such a clever way – they created an interesting atmosphere, a spooky one that will pull someone completely in their world, with their spirit and mind.

The most specific songs in my opinion, but I am sure that the fans will maybe agree too are  the cover song of Wasp’s “Animal (Fuck Like A Beast)” featuring  Alexi Laiho from Children of Bodom and “Zodiac” for the horror theme on the record. This two songs  have  their outstanding moment’s. “Animal” is a cover song, originally by Wasp, it has the same vibe as the original, it’s not the same of course, but with the production it has that full heavy metal taste of the original one, and also the band added their classical Wednesday 13 influences, with that punk attitude and vibe too it, but just a little bit, they added in a great way classical heavy metal riffs to be closer to the original riffs, of course there are raw perfect vocals that made the song even more interesting and divine – with lyrics that talks about sex, that sex games that we all love, of course this is a parole ‘’sex, drugs and rock n’ roll’’  and this kind of parole definitely goes along with this band even too this is a cover song, they presented completely that energy of original song- as well the lyrics like from the original one, catchy and the most authentic one on the record, also outstanding cover of Wasp’s song.

Next one is “Zodiac” it starts with this creepy electronic  sounds and it’s about Zodiac the serial killer – if you thing was enough to make this song the second specific one, as well the  horror movie anthem, you thought wrong, that’s not the end of it.  It has that powerful vibe with that generic riffs, I personally listened to it with such a passion. This song is just  movie material song – that makes with the sound and it’s riffs heads spinning around.

Bad thing about the record is that mixing part with the production. Vocals could have been better arranged in some songs– between the  riffs and vocals, so that the vocals can be heard properly every time in the songs, because of  all of the sounds around it and heavy acoustic as well. Overall, everything else is perfect in a technical way.

The whole record is just  typical Wednesday 13 album – that present that great Gothic sounds fused with punk and Electro Gothic elements, worthy of listening and experiencing it through horror madness that this album presents.

Wednesday 13 is back again! Be prepared for the ride in hell, haunting your dreams forever. For all of the Gothic fans out there, this is the record they have to listen too. I recommend it personally! Enjoy it’s haunting sounds from hell!

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