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Review: Walking Stone Giants – Some Hell In My Heaven

by Ivona Bogner

Walking Stone Giants – Some Hell In My Heaven

1. I Feel the Burn
2. Some Hell In My Heaven
3. In The Desert
4. Sake I Ride The Thunder
5. Another Tomorrow
6. Mad Tire
7. Rusty Royal
8. Stand Up
9. Reason To Hate You
10. The Man With The Two Shadows

Label: Independent
Date: February 19, 2019

Walking Stone Giants is Greek band founded by Janis Aslanidis in Thessaloniki,  in 2013. I have to admit, I never heard the band before they sent us promo material. As a good Samaritan, and someone whose grandfather comes form their area, it was natural to review album, even if is out of my comfort zone. Why? Simply: this is Blues based spiced with 70s, 80s and 90s Rock, little bit speed up. 

When you start listening the album you might be easily confused and ask yourself are you listening Jerry Cantrell`s solo album. In the next, title song, Billy Idol that might be? Ok, now they have my full attention even if the album is too slow for my taste. 

It seems, Walking Stone Giants payed attention on every detail on this album. They presented clean sound leaning on Heavy Rock. Production is quite good. Pure and powerful at the same time. 

Although we are speaking of young band, the guys are pure professionals. They know how to communicate with press, they have full promo material, fast responses, so big plus from me! And for them.

If you are searching for “vintage” sound, than Walking Stone Giants are the right choice for you!

They might titled album “Some Hell In My Heaven”, but while I was listening I got impression there was some heaven in my hell!

If you ever were a fan of Grunge than this is album for you! Warmly recommended. 

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