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Review: Vrk – Filhos da Ira

by Miloš Šebalj

Vrk – Filhos da Ira

  1. Lixo nuclear
  2. Os vermes da voragem
  3. Ritual de morte e destrucom
  4. A ladainha do Cantor
  5. As ratas da apokalipse
  6. Orko-Anarkia
  7. A derradeira viagem
Label: Nigra Mors
Date: September 09, 2018

Here’s an interesting project. Straight from the kitchen of my favorite Galizian label. This is a band created by Nocturno, leader of the label, as well as the founder of the well-known band Xerion. What is so interesting about this recording is the fact that there is not a single guitar to be heard here. However, as it is almost always the case with this man, there is something extra that makes this music worth your while.

First of all, this demo (at least it sounds to me like a demo) is almost completely made with the use of heavily distorted bass guitar. Sure, there are programmed drums and vocals (done by Analitika Sordida Pestilentia), but still no guitar. That extra factor here are the organs! Yes, you read that correctly. Now, try to imagine an organ on top of your favorite ‘90s Black Metal demo. It’s not that easy, right? On the other hand, they are not omnipresent. Just one song, an instrumental track, is comprised in its entirety of organs, but it still sounds odd here, even as an interlude. Still, makes for an interesting “novelty”.

Vrk does sound crude, primitive and utterly unpolished, exactly like those demos from 30 years ago. Bass guitar is neatly pumped with distortion so that you cannot feel the lack of guitars. There is not too much room for musical innovation here. Technicality either. This one feels like it came from a long time ago, and I do have a feeling it is supposed to be like that. Personally, I didn’t even know I missed such sounds until I heard “Filhos da Ira”. It is 20 minutes long, so just enough not to become boring and bring out the nostalgia.

This recording is made under the influence of a couple of literary works, revolving around the nuclear destruction and the aftermath. These primal sounds do fit perfectly to such scenarios, so good job on that. Artwork does the same with photos of the mushroom cloud and the remnants of Nagasaki from 1945. Lyrics are included, but I still haven’t learned the language, so shame on me.

Either way, if you still find yourself spinning the old tapes with demos by Darkthrone, Mayhem, Abruptum, Beherit and the likes, look no further. Here’s a new one, sounding like the old ones.

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