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Review: Vordr – Vordr

by Metal Jacket


Vordr – Vordr

1. Erianoisiv
2. Beast Of The Woods
3. Forever Bound
4. Blissfully Possessed
5. Goretusk
6. Candle In The Astral Wind
7. Rebirth
8. Chained In Recollections Of A Life That Once Was
9. Shaman
10. Dreamer’s Loot
11. Soulbirds
12. Driftwood
13. The Forest King
14. Enchanting Fires Of Pain
15. Visionaire

Label: Terratur Possessions
Date: August 21, 2019

For starters, the line-up is packed with musicians from very relevant (and with proofs of their quality) bands within the Black Metal scene (Kêres, Horna, Circle of Ouroborus etc…), which is always a good thing, I dare say. Vordr… First time checking them out. Yes, I know they have been around for years, but it seems that I was never drawn into them for some reason that only reason itself knows… Deep as Hell!

Vordr are Finnish and have been spreading their message to the world since 2003, having released five full-length albums, amongst splits, EPs and one compilation. Vitterholm, Elemental and Gand are the masterminds behind the musical expression of the entity known as Vordr, and Black Metal is what you should expect from these Finnish.

“Vordr” is their 5th full length is around 36 minutes long, in a total of 15 musical compositions… It did surprise me, at first, to see so many songs in a Black Metal album. “Erianoisiv” is a hard beast to kill! A superb way to present yourself to the World… And a new record. Superb.

All the way through the record, we have this almost Punk feeling from the way they attack the instruments. The fact that the songs are actually short, does help to have that feeling, truth be told. Raspy vocals, full of anger and violence. Really straight forward Black Metal, to be honest. And that is amazing, considering the amount of musicians picking up the Black Metal “guidelines” and turning it into a hybrid of some sort; respect to them… But give me violent, yet full of melody, Black Metal! And these blokes accomplish that quite easily. They are Finnish, aren’t they? All is explained, then. Ha-ha!

But yes, this feeling of violence and hate and anger that oozes from every single one of these tracks, is a must! The bass, oh my sweet Satan… That bass is enormous, it is heavy and it is real! And the vocals? Almost lost behind that wall of “noise and pollution”! But do not fear, for they are strong and overly present… Outstanding performance.

Do not expect any gigantic innovative move in the Black Metal sound, for you will be tremendously disappointed; do expect serious Black Fuckin’ Metal! But if you have been reading my review so far, it is obvious that you have that idea in mind… Right?

Putrefaction. Add that word to the family of words, this record reminds me of! And Necro. Well, it is Black Metal after all, right? Go ahead and enjoy what Black Metal has to offer in the shape of Vordr.

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