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Review: Voïvod – Synchro Anarchy

by Lukrecija Mesek

Voïvod – Synchro Anarchy

1. Paranormalium (5:34)
2. Synchro Anarchy (4:25)
3. Planet Eaters (5:32)
4. Mind Clock (6:44)
5. Sleeves Off (4:08)
6. Holographic Thinking (6:11)
7. The World Today (4:10)
8. Quest For Nothing (5:37)
9. Memory Failure (5:33)

Label: Century Media

Release: 2/2022

Ladies and gentleman, the one, the only Voïvod.

I can’t think of better introduction for the band that’s been on the metal scene for nearly 40 years. They say that some things only get better with time, like fine wine. I would say that Voïvod is like fine wine.

After The Wake, which was released in 2018, Voïvod toured the world, but like everybody else, they got screwed by corona-shit (it’s the usual theme for last two years.) Never the less, they once again showed us that nothing can stop metal. Even though they were in lockdown they decided to take that time and create new materials, and the result is Synchro Anarchy.

The album is full with spooky sound combined with heavy riffs. The whole feel takes you to another time, and another dimension. The whole album feels like combination of Tool and Nevermore. After all these years they are still able to deliver quality materials and surprise their fans with yet another master piece.

The Wake took the title of the finest Voïvod albums, but this time, Synchro Anarchy is on the way to snatch that title with the first notes. Each song is refined to the last detail, well recorded and the sound is just so pure and clear. They explored different themes, but focused mostly on space and development of technology. Still everyone can find little something for them self.

Talking about themes like mental illness, and anxiety definitely put them in one of my favorite artists category. But those themes doesn’t seem so strange these days considering the situation we’re in.

All in all, Synchro Anarchy, as Voïvod’s 15th album, is one of the best albums I ever heard in a long, long time.

I’m definitely putting them in my private collection. Stay heavy and rock on!

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