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Review: Void Prayer – L’appel du vide

by Metal Jacket
Void Prayer

Void Prayer – L’appel du vide

1. Being-Towards-End
2. L’appel du vide
3. NNN

Label: Signal Rex
Date: 2019

What started in 2012 under the name of Cave Ritual, after few demos, in 2014 become the force to be reckoned as Void Prayer. Before I even start writing this review, I have to say these guys are the only Bosnian black metal band, besides Zvijer, that have live performances and they doing it very well. 

They are also a part of Black Plague Circle along with bands such as Nigrum Ignis Circuli, Deathcircle, Niteris and Obskuritatem. Out of this circle rise Obskuritatem and Void Prayer as the two most distinctive bands that push honest black metal from the depths of the underworld.

After their highly praised full-length material “Stillbirth From The Psychotic Void” in 2017, they spent almost three years in silence until this demo was released. And maybe I’m paraphrasing now, but this band brings really great black metal record, filled with an atmosphere of despair, bottomless madness and anger.

The guitar parts of H. and E. members are true masterpiece on these three tracks. The riffs in these songs immediately hit you like razor blade. The drums also fit perfectly the rhythmic role. If they put a few more songs on this release, it could easily pass as decent black metal full-length.

The demo “L’appel du vide” (eng. “Call of the Void”) shows that we’ll hear a lot of good music from this band in the future because they won’t break their audio mantras of death so easily. Don’t get me wrong, this release is an standard black metal demo where you barely can hear any clear tune. That’s raw and dirty for sure, but at that dose did’t kill anyone yet. On the contrary, the atmosphere and overall impression of this material are even better.

Signal Rex label from Portugal and the band classified this release as promo tape. Honestly, I can’t wait for their full-length material. In my opinion they are one of the best Bosnian black metal bands.  They are living proof that this country can produce really amazing bands with unique atmosphere and perfectly crafted black metal sound.

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