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Review: Veritas – Treads of Fatality

by Bart Tomaszewski
1.  Prelude to the Sacrament
2.  Frail
3.  Love and Burn
4.  Far Away
5.  Morbid Stale
6.  FatesWarning
7.  Say Goodbye
8.  Moments of the Day
9.  Starlight
10. Eyes of the Blind
11. Dying to life
12. Sludge
13. Masquarade
14. If It’s Over
Label: Independent 
Date: August 28th,2020

I know I have sometimes (actually mostly) very strange connotations, but when I saw the name of this band, I connote it with store, religious one, I guess, where once my Grandma worked. But this word has several meanings and the most possible option why these four guys chose this name for their band lays probably in Roman mythology. Anyways, with their place of origin also is something the most of you, me, too, “strange”. Well, actually that are even two facts. First of them is that officially there’re two cities with this name in the States. The second one is connected with superstition. We all know what it is, but the fact is that music scene in this region of USA is various.

By the way, Veritas exists since eight years. But their discography isn’t a big one. Actually it contains only EP on CD or MCD (what term you prefer) “Veritas” released independently last year and just reviewed debut full-length (also, as far as I know, released independently). Album contains fourteen not too long songs of something what musicians call Progressive Heavy/Power Metal. Well, in my opinion it describes well what happens on “Treads…”, even if I somehow don’t like very much word “progressive” and don’t notice too much elements of Power Metal on here (but I always can, and probably this is like that, have some warped perspective of this term). I can both in music and Danny’s voice hear fascination of some Gods of the genre. But residents of the third largest city of Kansas have their own ideas, own way to express themselves in music. Riffs are heavy, predatory, but crate some melody in the same time (vocal helps in this creativity a lot). We have some solos of course and in general we can’t be bored by this music, surely. Also drums and bass make good job.

Honestly, I like this stuff and try to get it on CD as soon as possible. I’m not some deadly enemy of these electronic versions I’m getting every day, but still love regular physical copies and think they’re much better ones! Well, it was a little digression, but on the end I’ll back  to main subject and tell you that this is good they finally began release stuffs. I wait for next one as well.

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