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Review: Vadikan – Farewell (Single)

by Lukrecija Mesek

Vadikan – Farewell (Single)

1. Farewell (feat. Anders Jacobsson & Draconian)
2. Прощание 

Label: Metal Scrap Records
Date: April 5, 2019



Vadikan is a Russian Gothic Symphonic Metal band with female vocals. It’s a studio project founded by the guitarist and producer Vadim Pashutin, back in 2004. Current set up is: Elle Fatihova – vocal, Anders Jacobsson (Draconian) – growling vocal, Vadim Pashutin – rhythm guitars, guitar leads (chorus), music, arrangements, mixing, mastering, Ilya Filipyev – bass, Maks Kartashov – guitar leads, Nikolay Belyaev – keyboards.

This time we got their single “Farewell”. Release includes two versions of song; in English and in Russian.

To be honest, I never heard Gothic Metal in Russian, and I must say, WOW, that sounds great.
The song is a nice mix of energetic guitar-driven melodic metal and heavy. In combination with Russian lyrics we get a great combo. I really liked slow and chill parts of the song. I was really suprised how the same song can sound totally different just because of language. As you could all read guessed I really like Russian version much more than English.

I am really intrigued how their next album will sound like. I will add them to my playlist and hopefully I will hear some new materials soon. 

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