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Review: Urfeind – Þurisabloþa (Thursian Blood)

by Metal Jacket


Urfeind – Þurisabloþa (Thursian Blood)

1. ᚦᚢᚱᛋ
2. Goða Dólgr
3. Rise of Níðhöggr
4. Wargoz
5. Forged by Fire
6. Peruns Extinction
7. The Nothing
8. ᛣᛣᛣ

Label: Vamamarga Conjurations
Date: February 21, 2020

When it comes to black metal and Germany, one thing is safe to say; they never disappoint. In 99% Germans will deliver a perfect Black Metal, starting with riffs, furiousity and in the end with their great vocals. Urfeind made it great!

This band filled their music with dark German heathenism and misanthropy, and gave us a perfectly shaped black metal manifesto.

This album is literary filled with great riffs. There is perfect does of melodies but yet they are raw and filled with audio-scorn. On every new second you will find yet another riff that will blow your mind. Guys really give their best to make a great album, and I think that they succeeded in that mission.

One thing that really blow my mind of this release is the sound of the drums. This is pure perfection in drum sound and production. You can hear even the smallest and shortest beat on the skins. That gave totally new note to this album and rhythm section behind the guitars and their work.

Vocal parts lead their role magnificently. From traditional “Germanic” raven-like vocals toward almost like death metal growls and screaming. You will not bi disappointed if you buy this album.

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