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Review: UR TID – “Withering Dead Life”

by Bart Tomaszewski

UR TID “Withering Dead Life”

1. Withering Dead Life
2. To the Grave
3. Come Chaos
4. The Endeavor
5. I
6. As My Lips Turn Cold
7.Ändlösa Död
8. Soul Harvest
9. He’s Back (The Man Behind The Mask) – Alice Cooper cover

Let’s move from the largest (and the only one where people don’t speak Spanish) country of South America to Sweden, to be precise to Sandviken. Some time ago I had a pleasure to review debut stuff of this project – “Towards Dark Endless”. And now after almost two years for full-length time has come!

This time Johan decided to release his music in CD format. Well, this is very limited edition (only 50 copies), actually. But just like in case of “Towards…” did it independently as well. Musically there’s no huger differences. I mean, this is still Black/Death Metal and still more in this melodic form. Actually, I can (just like in case of debut stuff) recognize influences of another sub-genres of our beloved music.Anyhow, of course this is any fuckin’ candle we have here to do with! Riffs are often in the most melodic, but in the same time brutal and there’s this characteristic Black Metal element in them. In general everything’s in quite fast tempo. There’re some slower parts, too, but they take place rather rarely. Johan don’t play in some complexities and shows how real Black/Death Metal should look like. Well, I personally prefer a little different approach to the matter to be honest, but Ur Tid still plays in rather old school way, what I like!

As far as I know he’s first of all guitarist and vocalist as well. But it seems (actually hears) he knows very well what is playing bass and even drums about. Vocals are quite typical for such music.You know, something what we can call screechy growling. There’s a fragment of clean vocalize in “The Endeavor” or “As My Lips Turn Cold”, but that are only exceptions which, on top of everything else, take short time.

So, to resume all I wrote above, om “Withering…” we have nine pieces of pure Metal on good level. Johan once again did good job. Well, this time even better then on debut stuff, I think. I could name here some bands, of course to make my job easier, but I hate to compare, so you’ll never see such thing in any of my reviews! Anyways, another fact I like very much is that this is released as a regular CD – in form of digipack. Number of them is very limited, so be fast and grab this album or be dead!

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