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Review: Ur Tid – Towards Dark Endless

by Bart Tomaszewski

Walking Stone Giants – Some Hell In My Heaven

1. Towards Dark Endless
2. Into Oblivion 
3. A World in Darkness In The Desert
4. Skuggfolket
5. Ur tid
6. The Preacher and the Prophet

Label: Independent
Date: February 19, 2019

So here, for the very first time for Metal Jacket Magazine, I have a pleasure to review a band coming from the country I live in since almost ten years. Well, Ur Tid isn’t based near to my place, but Sweden is Sweden, doesn’t it?! Anyways, even if I’m writing these words in Swedish National Day, I’ll do everything to avoid pathetic tone.

Anyways, this is a young project created in 2017 and, of course, “Towards…” is a debut, but as far as I know next stuff is in progress. If you wonder why I used a word “project” instead of “band” then I have to explain you one thing. I was never thinking, don’t do it and will never use a term in the vain of “one man band” and shit. If someone decide to create a music only by him/herself then this is just a project for me and that’s it! It doesn’t matter if this person except this project play somewhere else or not. By the way, it doesn’t mean that this or another project can’t have anything interesting to offer. Maybe this happens not so often that it does, but happens anyway and Ur Tid in my opinion is a good example for it.

We have here with six songs to do. Let’s be honest, they’re nothing what will change a history of the music. But I think Johan hasn’t so ambitions and just wanna create what he likes. Well, there’s a lot of melody on this stuff. This is, let’s call it, this brutal one and this is mostly about his vocal, I think. Of course riffs have big element of that in themselves, but they’re in more then ninety percentage fast and heavy, not so broken, but still have its energy. Johan calls his music Black/Death Metal and I think this is very well “sticker”. I realize more elements of this first mentioned sub-genre of our beloved music, too. You can hear it both in the best part of riffs and way of drumming, vocal is also like that. This is any squawk, by the way. Anyhow, someone who listen to it carefully will notice some solos and other stuff showing Death Metal influences.

Actually I heard music like that many, many times and probably will do it even more times in my life. But hey… This is not what you could think at the moment! I really like “Towards Dark Endless”and surely will back to this stuff as often as I’ll can. I also wait for next stuff which will be out probably yet this year. For me in music more important is this something then originality (which if is forced lead to some music disaster). The only what I don’t like in this stuff is a format – this is available only in digital way. Of course this is probably connected with my age and orthodoxy…

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