Home News Review: UNBOUNDED TERROR “Faith in Chaos” (XTREEM MUSIC)


by Bart Tomaszewski


 1. Faith in Chaos
 2. Hiding from the Light
 3. Silent Soul
 4.  Insidious
 5.  Destroyed from Within
 6.  They Will Come from the Pain
 7.  Hated in Hell
 8.  The Destroyers of Hope
 9.  Engulfed by the Gods
10. Through the Flesh We Will Reach Hell

What the most of so called normal people, but I afraid even Metalheads, think about when hear words “Balearic Islands”?!? Probably this is Ibiza, tourist paradise (as for me these two words have rather pejorative meaning, by the way) and so on. If you’re interested in tennis, then you surely know Rafael Nadal was born there. And that’s it, I guess. But the truth is that this autonomic region of Spain has long and of course interesting history. Legend says that it was Ancient Greeks who colonized islands after Trojan War. There’s no proofs for that. Anyways, we can find then for rule of Phoenicians, Carthaginians and even Romes. Then it was also very interesting. But this is no place to write about this.

Well, the last thing which comes on mind of the most of you, I afraid, is that Metal scene exists over there. Honestly, my knowledge here isn’t to impressive, too. By the way, I think I heard this name, Unbounded Terror, yet in nineties. But I’d don’t give my left, or even right, arm for this. On the largest and the most populous island, in the most populous city, which’s capital of Islas Baleares, by the way, the band has their headquarter. Anyways, they existed only three (first one under another name) years between 1990 and 1993. It came back from the abyss of nothing last year. That’s why “Faith in Chaos” is only their second full-length.

We’re ab;e to listen to ten songs of pure classic old school Death Metal. The first bands cross my mind during listening to this album are two ones based in Finland and in some way one based in south Spain. So, we could say this is more European then American style of playing Death Metal. But the problem is that in the beginning of nineties in Finland there was a little another approach to the matter then in Sweden or Norway. So, you can find on here some kind of mix of both styles. By the way, tempo is, as on Death Metal, of course, middle one, but guys know very well how to speed up. Riffs are broken and in the same time create sick, brutal melody. We have some guitar tricks, some kinds of solos and so on. Also drums’ work is just like it should be in this genre of music.

Music is developed enough, but everything serve to brutality. Well, as I wrote above, this is not too hard to find some more well-known bands guys create their stuff similar to, but… If you wanna some comparisons, you need to do them by yourselves. Personally I think every Deather should have this CD in her/his collection. Spanish don’t play anything new, but this is very well done job.

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