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Review: Umbra Conscientia – Yellowing Of The Lunar Consciousness

by Aleksandar Saradžić
Umbra Conscientia

Umbra Conscientia – Yellowing Of The Lunar Consciousness

1. El Caos Que Precede a la Creación (Intro)
2. Maze Of Exile
3. Romance Of Contradictions
4. Citrinitas
5. Umbra Conscientia
6. Lord Of Phosphorus
7. Yellowing Of The Lunar Consciousness

Label: Terratur Possessions
Date: November 30, 2019

If we’ve learned something from Terratur Possessions, a record label from Norway, it’s that they certainly won’t sign an unknown band for no reason. The same is with Umbra Conscientia. Pretty unknown band, but despite that guys are firing from all guns.

The band operates on the Germany-Costa Rica route and in their case we can definitely say that the distance between them isn’t a problem. I’m sure this album will definitely be in competition for album of the year in spite of some well-known bands. An incredible amount of energy erupts from this debut.

From the very beginning of “Yellowing of the Lunar Consciousness”, they have been hinting at us being a band that bursts with energy and certainly great riffs. Guitar rhythm throughout the album lead the story with effective riffs. The arrangements are skillfully made through the guitar parts and arrange every riff into your memory.

Whoever did the production on this album did a great job. The big advantage is that the album’s production isn’t too ironed out. The drum section is brilliantly covered and every beat is precisely presented. The guys really gave themselves time to make a powerful ice breaker with this album.

Vocals bring a new dimension with “Yellowing Of The Lunar Consciousness”. They easily convey all the screaming and hellish voices on this material. Inspired by misanthropy and mysticism, they are perfectly nailed to this album through the singer’s voice under the pseudonym “F”.

This is definitely an album worth of attention. This material brings new fresh blood to Germany as well as to the world black metal scene.

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