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Review: Ultra Silvam – The Spearwound Salvation

by Metal Jacket
Ultra Silvam
Ultra Silvam

Ultra Silvam – The Spearwound Salvation

1. The Spearwound Salvation
2. Ödesalensuppenbarelse
3. Birth of a Mountain
4. Förintelsensandeväsen
5. Wings of Burial
6. A Skull Full of Stars
7. The First Wound

Label: Shadow Records
Date: March 22, 2019

Sweden once again demonstrates all its power in black metal music. In front of us is another very young band coming from Malmö and introducing its first album. Furious black metal in the best way glorifies the Devil.

It was well known that Marcus Tena (owner of Shadow Records), a man who knows to recognize potential in the band, did not make any mistakesthis time. Ultra Silvam is only three years old and their first album already sounds like they’re playing black metal for twenty years or so.

“The Spearwound Salvation” brings us almost half an hour of black metal sound that is today in a modern metal scene, a truly endemic species.The production that was present twenty years ago, it is evident that these three men in the band are sure to cherish passion for the sound of the past and fame of the Swedish black metal sound.

It should be noted that the guitar work on this album was magnificent. Starting from the production and sound of the guitar on the album, to the fact that the people made great riffs. Their riffology is genius, every riif comes very easily into the ear of the listener.I do not think it will be difficult for someone to listen to this good and high quality black metal, every song is easy to go on and brings a new pile of supreme riffs.

Ultra Silvam is definitely the name that needs to be taken into account in the future. I think this band can only go ahead with every new release. They have sound, they have a great publishing house behind them, they have all the prerequisites to make a very strong legacy behind them.

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