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Review: Tryglav – Night Of Whispering Souls

by Daniel Pinheiro
Night Of Whispering Souls
Night Of Whispering Souls

Tryglav – Night Of Whispering Souls

1. Under My Skin
2. Night of Whispering Souls
3. Deadline
4. Evil Dead
5. Creature of The Night
6. Werewolf
7. Beyond The Limit

Label: Extreme Metal Music / Rockshots Records
Date: May 31, 2019

Well, I have always been a fan of the 90s Melodic Black Metal atmosphere that, today, and to some, might sound… Outdated or plain cheesy. Not me. I still find those melodic Black Metal riffs to be very much entertaining. Truth be told, one does grow as a listener and is able, after many years, to absorb new and different forms of making music.

This Croatian chap under the name of Tryglav crafted something that, to me, sounds extremely well. Melodic, yet harsh enough to not sound “weak”. The amount of influences you find throughout the album is remarkable. You find Slayer like Thrash riffs, you find signs of old school Nightfall, melodic riffs that could de, easily, placed in a 90s Black Metal and even some Melodic Death Metal (Swedish, more than any other)… He has it all, ladies and gentlemen!

He does not invent the wheel, as we tend to say, but gives us a piece of Black Metal that can, definitely, find its place in 2019’s Black Metal more “mainstream” scene. The album, during the course of its 7 songs, touches many genres, as aforementioned, which does not give it the straight line. It is still rooted in Black Metal, of that I have no doubt, but the addition of so many other elements, paints a picture, that can, again in my opinion, please Thrash Metal fan, Black Metal fan or Death Metal fan… As long as they appreciate the melodic side of those genres. The only less positive thing I can point out is: too much diversity may take the listener to ask himself where does the band, stand, in terms of musical genre. And, again, this is not, in any way, a concerning aspect of the album.

It is an album full of melody, I think that is the MAIN POINT to take into consideration. The solos are well crafted and well placed in the songs. The vocals, from guest vocalist, Morbid, are suited for Behara’s creations, and give you that 90s feeling of Extreme Metal where – again repeating myself – melody is queen! Don’t you, from time to time, get tired of so many sonic distortions, musical cacophony? An album like this really did it for me! I played it many times and I appreciated everytime I heard it, as it did not ask for a deep analysis of the music – for it is not complex – but, quite straight to the point: Thrash, Death and Black Metal! Remember: all full of melody!

For a starter, this is an excellent starter! Do give it a go, do let it play on your stereo, from start to finish! Do check “Creature of the Night”, groovy guitar riff, a hell of a drumming… The Greek that lives in us ahahah superb 90s rendition, again, in my opinion! My favourite tune from the whole record! Congrats to Mr. Behara for taking me back to Nightfall’s glorious days!

Once again, Mr. Behara, from Portugal, I salute you for your offering! And, I almost forgot, love the concept / idea around the album, so please give us of this!

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