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Review: Trinity – Lux Aeterna

by Bart Tomaszewski
TRINITY “Lux Aeterna” 
1.  Guardian of the Light
2.  Blasphemy
3.  Heretic Prophet
4.  Fallen Angels
5.  Destiny
6.  Lux Aeterna
7.  Damnable Desire
8.  Misty Crucifix
9.  Sacrilege
10. Damnable Desire (demo)
11. Destiny (demo)

So, let’s take a look on a project (I just hate expression “one man band”!!!) coming from… Well, on their site on EM I see firstly it was based in my motherland, in Zamość  and now home for Ricardo is Novara in Piedmont, Italy. Well, I suppose this Polish period took only more or less one year and was under another name. But I’m not sure if it really was like that. Anyways, it seems it wasn’t very productive, coz there’s no phonographic proof of that. He started to release mostly full-lengths in 2000 when Trinity came back from the ashes.

“Lux Aeterna” is fourth album, by the way. It was released quite long time ago, on All Saints Day or how it calls last year by Cippangu Production both in digital and regular CD versions. Album contains eleven songs and two of them stylistically are different then other ones, actually – two last ones taken from. Let’s call it, demos’ period. They’re raw and quite “typical” for the genre. You know what I mean. But I somehow think this isn’t something the most of you would expect or even more it’s not any one more clone of some Norwegian bands and even here you can notice will of technical and developed playing. Anyways, first nine compositions are in general in slower tempo, we can call them by atmospheric or even somehow mystic ones. Personally I connote this music with some Polish Black Metal living legend from Olsztyn (earlier from Morąg). Well, musically there’re some differences, but somehow atmosphere is similar. Ricardo use in them also violin and so on. It gives music something added. By the way, don’t be afraid – it doesn’t destroy this Black Metal climate. Riffs change quite often (not as often as in Death Metal, of course), you can notice well technique on here, but it all serve to what is in this genre the most important.

I like this a little more then one hour album and I’ll back to it not once and not twice. That’s for sure! Well, probably not as often as I’d like, but… In my opinion “Lux Aeterna” is example how Black Metal should “look like”.

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