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Review: Triarchy of Profanation – Under Orion’s Veil

by Bart Tomaszewski


Triarchy of Profanation – Under Orion’s Veil

1.Twilight – Ill Divine
2. Twilight – Quema del Diablo – The Devil’s Burn
3. Twilight – Arising Thy Horned One (Htao Terces Eht)
4. Faceless God – Demon Archetype
5. Faceless God – Ecstasy In Blood
6. Faceless God- De Occulta Philosophia
7.  Temple of Katharsis – My Goal Is Their Demise
8. Temple of Katharsis – Hordes of Hyperion Are Gathering
9. Temple of Katharsis – Χαίρε Νύχτα Αιώνια

Label: Askio Productions
Date: April 8, 2020

My buddy Nikk sent me the link to this stuff few months ago. Unfortunately I had some other stuff on my mind and that’s why I’m writing this review with delay (maybe not so very huge one, but…). But as we use to say in Poland: “Better later then never”, so let’s run! This is classic 3-way split we have on here. As far as I know stuff is released both as digital album and in regular CD form by Askio Productions. Anyways, maybe coz I was never very  big fan or better to say: total maniac of Black Metal, earlier I heard only about one band who participate in this split – Twilight. Well, I guess I should be and am at least a little ashamed coz of this fact, coz Faceless God exist and create the Black Art since 1993. Twilight is more or less one year older and Temple of Katharsis is, in comparison to them, a young one who was born in 2011. Just like them the other two ones come from northern Greece, geographical area called Macedonia. And they’re real regular bands, not any projects! What is in my opinion difference between these two terms I told already few times and somehow don’t wanna do it once again. I’ll also don’t write anything more connected with biographies of several ensembles.

What kind of Metal we have to do here with?!? Well, I think this is easy to guess. Greece was always rich in Black Metal and even bands from there created own characteristic style. So there’s any surprise that all three acts present just this sub-genre of Metal. Each band serve us three tracks what is accurate number to get to know (if someone didn’t do it earlier) what groups play and so on. I have no idea if it was done especially, but bands are ordered from the oldest to the youngest one on this album. So as the first one comes Twilight, then Faceless God on on the end – Temple of Katharsis with their three songs. All three hordes present similar approach to the matter. I mean, all of them play rather in middle or fast tempo, even if in case of Twilight there’re some slower, we can say somehow atmospheric fragments or even songs. The same applies to Faceless God, although to a lesser degree. Riffs mostly are, what as I noticed very often happens in such music, quite easy and repeatable. Anyways, this isn’t anything you could say is primitive and so on. I think there’s even opposite – especially if this is about drums’ work. But guitarists also do good job as well.

Well, I of course could write more and analyze every band, every song… But I think this is at least unnecessary. Besides I doubt if there’s anybody who likes to read two or three pages long reviews! Instead just grab this stuff (the best CD, but there’s also available digital version) if you like Black Metal. I think this is something you should listen to, coz all bands’ music emanate with this something what in Black Art does matter.


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