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Review: Traveler – Termination Shock

by Lukrecija Mesek

Traveler – Termination Shock

1. Shaded Mirror
2. Termination Shock
3. Foreverman
4. Diary of a Maiden
5. STK
6. After the Future
7. Deepspace
8. Terra Exodus

Label: Gates Of Hell Records
Date: April 24, 2020

As many others, Traveler is coming from far away (by the way it’s from Canada) and bringing us the familiar sound of Heavy Metal that we always adore.

In their words:

Traveler is: JP Abboud – vocals, Matt Ries – guitar, Torying Schadlich – guitar, Dave Arnold – bass, Chad Vallier – drums.

In this testing times we are getting a bit of refreshment with classic tunes, but in new edition. Traveler found their way into the scene back in 2018. with their demo album “Demo 2018”, followed by “Split 2018”. Finally in 2019, they released full length album “Traveler”. After they made really good introduction and carefully made a path for themselves in Heavy Metal community, they greeted us with master piece. Right now I think this could become a classic just because of the title. Considering the current situation in the world and all the craziness in the world, I think they couldn’t choose better title for their album – “Termination Shock”. Honestly, when I got this album for review I was just enjoying the moment and this perfect timing. And that was before I even played the album.

Usually it can be struggle for me to write something about the album if I never heard the band up to this point, but this time, as soon as I played the first song I know what I needed to say. Right from the start you can get that familiar Heavy Metal vibe. Good old school sound, that is so rare these days.

There are eight songs on album: “Shaded Mirror”, “Termination Shock”, “Foreverman”, “Diary of a Maiden”, “SKT”, “After the Future”, “Deep Space” and “Terra Exodus”. Personal favorite definitely goes to “Diary of a Maiden”. While listening to album we can enjoy in perfect symphony. Instruments and vocals are mixed perfectly and you can clearly hear every element of the song. They introduced us with beautiful and powerful riffs, strong and clean vocals and melodies pumping with energy. Over all we can say that album is made with passion and care. The entire story is carefully put together, from the cover on the album, to the songs and stories they represent. I really enjoyed kinda futuristic theme in old school Heavy Metal sound. Also, I think we have to give them a special credit for the fact that cover is made in that old school style, which gathers the whole story even better.

All that is left to say, guys great work and keep it going! I expect great things from you from now on, hoping that you can deliver another perfect timing as with this album. (I still can’t get over the fact how perfectly their album represents this time we all are in.) One day we should refer this year as “Termination Shock” year.

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