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Review: Torchlight Parade – Torchlight Parade

by Lukrecija Mesek

Torchlight Parade – Torchlight Parade

1. Intro
2. Golgotha
3. Salvation
4. Holy Fire
5. Sons Of Thunder
6. Angel Wings
7. Torchlight Parade
8. Haddonfield
9. Metal To The Pedal
10. Soulstruck
11. Red White and Blue

Label: Self-released
Date: June 19, 2020


Torchlight Parade is coming to greet us all from St. Louis, USA.

They are classic hard rock/heavy metal band which plays a mix of covers and originals. They were founded in 2005 by three funeral home workers, and the band name was chosen to invoke an ancient funeral procession.

I swear to god, next time I miss read the band name I will flip the table. I really don’t want to make a habit out of it. This time instead of Torchlight Parade, for me, it was “Torch Parade”. Usually I would be able to say “Oh it’s because of my poor sight”, fortunately, I can’t make that excuse anymore since I did get new glasses. So if it’s not my poor sight, than I should maybe start worrying about dyslexia?? Or is it just the fact that ignorance is bliss.

Anyhow, after initial frustration, I manage to find my cool and to listen carefully to this album. And, boy oh boy, I was really surprised. After initial shock that “Intro” song gave me (because who is looking up first for genre when you are listening to “surprise album”), I was really refreshed when “Golgotha” started to play. My initial thought was that will be something really dark and gore, but “Golgotha” changed my mind after literally 15 seconds. Suddenly I was greeted with Heavy Metal that was giving a bit of Manowar vibe mixed with Judas Priest. As I was listening on, I was enjoying every bit of it. “Salvation”, “Holy Fire” and “Sons of Thunder” (which again I suddenly almost renamed into “Sons of Odin”, because – reasons), were pumping with energy right up till the “Angel Wings” came next. Whit this song they changed tone a bit and brought to us long lost ballads, which reminded me on numerous songs written by various Glam Metal bands of 80’s.

Self-titled song “Torchlight Parade” started with amazing groove and entire song is here to make you move and bang your head. Next are coming “Haddonfield”, “Metal to the Pedal”, which is interesting because of the title alone, but also it gives you that old school Metal vibe. “Soulstruck” and “Red White and Blue” are last songs on album. And while “Soulstruck” has some interesting elements, “Red White and Blue” is one more song that refer to American flag.

All in all, not bad. You can be sure that I will put this in to my library. They brought us back good old Rock and Roll.

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