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Review: Thy Art Is Murder – Human Target

by Darko Rajic
Thy Art Is Murder
Thy Art Is Murder

Thy Art Is Murder – Human Target

1. Human Target 
2. New Gods 
3. Death Squad Anthem 
4. Make America Hate Again 
5. Eternal Suffering 
6. Welcome Oblivion 
7. Atonement 
8. Voyeurs Into Death 
9. Eye For An Eye 
10. Chemical Christ 

Label: Nuclear Blast
Date: July 26, 2019

Older people would say the modern world is a miracle. Yes, but in what context? For some a positive one, for some negative. The latter are usually louder and somehow more reasoned, because they’re cautious. Technology is catching up to us and slowly overtaking. Hitting the bottom, they say, is very close. One of the albums that is warning us of that is “Human Target” from Australian deathcore maniacs Thy Art Is Murder. Released at the end of July with Nuclear Blast, the album is full of messages and attitudes, which TAIM carries through lyrics and music in the cruelest of ways. Along some giants, like AC/DC, Nick Cave or Mad Max, Thy Art Is Murder are Australia’s famous export and when it comes to brutal metal, deservedly so. Some would not agree, but that’s how it is. Their success was built over the years, but I will not brag on about them. For that you have the internet. 🙂

Fifth album chronologically, brings us around 40 minutes of brutality. Straight to our ears, with fantastic production and Jesse Beahler (Jungle Rot, Black Crown Initiate, Rings of Saturn) on drums, giving them no mercy, while the rhythm section follows and tears everything in their way. All of that reinforced with CJ’s fearsome vocals, which sound like he’s going to explode in some moments due to how much energy he invests in his statements through the lyrics. Ten songs of bursting rhythm are saying  a lot and warning us. From sexual violence, various addictions and “modern prisons” in which all of us are actually in, supervised by the governments, all the way to organ trading and the main cancer of our planet… Us, the human race, on which that same planet started crashing down on after so much pain we brought down on it! All of it and more is thematically covered on the “Human Target” album.

Therefore, the name of the album fits the theme, but not in the context of a victim. People are fucking over themselves, so disappearance is even desirable, but nature is warning us that we won’t be fucking with her for long. Just like Thy Art, who are warning us with their music. And you sit down, play the album, read the lyrics and think! The end is close… Or is it already happening? You might find some of the answers on this album!

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