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Review: The Order Of Apollyon – Moriah

by Aleksandar Saradžić
The Order Of Apollyon
The Order Of Apollyon

The Order Of Apollyon – Moriah

1. The Lies of Moriah
2. Rites of the Immolator
3. Grey Father
4. The Cradle
5. The Original Cries of Jerusalem
6. Trident of Flesh
7. Soldat
8. A Monument

Label: Agonia Records
Date: October 26, 2018

This year is a killer one when it comes to black metal and death metal releases. You have new Funeral Mist where Arioch made brilliant black metal album, then Norwegian band Mare offers us yet magnificent piece of true Norwegian black metal. Archgoat delivered us yet again an audio essence of really brutal death/black metal madness. Polish black metallers Kriegsmaschine gave us “Apocalypticists” material while we are waiting for the new Mgła stuff. And on the end we have this future masterpiece without any doubt; album “Moriah” from French black/death metal veterans, The Order Of Apollyon.

Members gathered from various titanic acts from French metal underworld like Temple of Baal, Arkhon Infaustus, Hell Militia, Antaeus and Merrimack again delivered us a gem of Satanic black/death metal manifest.

It has been three years already since they gave us full-length “The Sword and the Dagger”. I thought that they will hardly make anything better then that material, but lucky for metal underground, I was wrong. Guys again made an epic masterpiece this time. “Moriah” will blow your head off!

Eight tracks, almost fourty six minutes of furious black metal mixed with blast beats and growling vocal like we can found in nineties death metal masterworks. What really caught my ear on this one is perfect sound and production of “string” instruments on it. Guitars are perfectly balanced and bass guitar is totally downright and it fits simply great in this opus.

When it comes to drums on this material, they are made with surgical precision, J.Z. really made good job on this one. I am not so big fan of blast beats, but this album literary possess so good timing for blast-beat madness. Whenever guitars starts with furious tempo, drums are there behind to follow them with brilliant background like machine gun.

As I already mentioned up there in review, this growl death metal-ish vocals really fall into album great. They will give you feeling of nineties death metal nostalgia but in the same time they will perfectly carry out their vision of spiritual and religious Satanism in the form of The Order Of Apollyon. So they are here to give you a clear observation point over The Order Of Apollyon’s music and Satanic convictions. You will definitely regret here if you order this masterpiece.

Agonia Records yet again brought us a great material from depths of French metal underground. Do not hesitate and pick up this album. “Moriah” will definitely stand as one of candidates for the best album of the year, no doubt in that.

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