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Review: The Cruel Intentions – No Sign Of Relief

by Ante Topic

The Cruel Intentions – No Sign Of Relief

1. Jawbreaker
2. Reckoning
3. Genie’s Got a Problem
4. Weekend Suffering
5. Borderline Crazy
6. Check Your Head
7. Sick Adrenaline
8. Everybody Riot
9. Go Fuck Yourself
10. Chaos In a Bombshell
11. Devilicious 

Label: Indie Recordings
Date: September 21, 2018 

The Cruel Intentions are a band formed by ex-Vains of Jenna singer Lizzy DeVine. If I only knew that, it’d be enough for me. Jokes aside. Anyone who is familiar with Lizzy and his ex-band knows he’s up to some good sleazy stuff and The Cruel Intentions are exactly that. “No Sign Of Relief” is probably one of the most anticipated albums of the year for me and after six previously released singles the bar was set up pretty high.

The first thing I have noticed is a bit dry production. Anyway, Jawbreaker is a really good song overall but there is something that could be done during the verses to make it even better.

“Reckoning” will make you scream ‘’RE-CKO-NING!!!’’ along with the band for sure. Real sleazy hard rocker.

“Genie’s Got a Problem” is a punk inspired song wrapped up in a sleazy The Cruel Intentions style. I wrote about “Weekend Suffering” a week or two ago. It’s a cure for those who woke up hungover from the night before so they can continue tonight.

“Borderline Crazy” is one of the six previously released singles and re-recorded for this album (won’t tell you other re-recorded songs, it’s up to you to find it out) and I can definitely see why. How I love the tone of “Check Your Head”! It really throws me into some, don’t know what kind of mood.

“Sick Adrenaline” is, I dare to say the best song on the record. There is absolutely no not good thing about it, from verses through chorus to break, everything is on point! Well done guys!

To be honest I didn’t expect the 80’s gang vocal intro but after hearing the song, I’m glad they did it. “Everybody Riot” is a great call to arms song that’ll get you ready to riot. “Go Fuck Yourself” is a fun song, not the best but really fun and I bet you’ll find yourself singing the chorus. It’s catchy plus it’s got the ”whoah – whoas” at the end.

“Chaos in a Bombshell” is exactly what the title says. It’s an absolute chaos! You’ll definitely headbang to this awesome piece of music. Love it! Pretty different tune but The Cruel Intentions did it again! “Devilicious” is an excellent closing song with sing-a-long choruses as usual.

So, was the wait worth it? Hell yeah it was!!! Album of the year contender (of this genre of course)? Double hell yeah!!! And I’ve listened to some pretty good albums this year. Before listening the album I thought it was a shame for not putting a ballad called “White Pony” on the record but now I realise it was a good choice. After all, we can always find it on YouTube.

“No Sign Of Relief” is an absolute adrenaline rush, from start to finish. But don’t make the same mistake as I did and listen it for the first time with normal volume. Do yourself a favor and crank your speakers up to 11 otherwise you won’t feel the whole experience. Thank me later. Bye.

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