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Review: Terrörhammer – In the Name of Hell

by Miloš Šebalj

Terrörhammer – In the Name of Hell

1. The Omen
2. Riding on a Devil’s Storm
3. The Powers of Darkness
4. Hell Metal
5. Black Terror (Korrozia Metalla cover)

Label: Dying Victims Productions
Date: January 1, 2018

This EP is a 20-minute encyclopedia on how to make archaic music sound like it’s never been played before! That is pretty much the best description of Terrorhammer’s new work.

Terrörhammer is a peculiar band that has a tendency to appear from nowhere, strike hard and fast and return to nowhere almost immediately. This Serbian duo, although fairly active, somehow manages to make a much bigger mark outside of the native soil, especially when it comes to the pretty rare live performances on the home turf. On the other hand, their releases are getting noticed very much.

This new EP doesn’t bring anything new. Ridiculous sentence, I know. True nonetheless. Terrörhammer still plays old school Black Thrashing Metal, rooted deep in the Underground. Predictable arrangements (riff, verse, chorus, riff, verse, chorus, solo, and chorus), fast tempos (with just short moments of slowing down), simple, yet effective rhythm section, screaming vocals, primitive, satanic lyrics, characteristic Thrash riffs… Now, you may think this is some poor copycat version of the legends (name them yourself, there are thousands), and you would be wrong. This band is keeping their sound fresh, especially in regard to the guitar work. There is an abundance of catchy riffing ideas that, complemented by the equally catchy choruses, make the EP very hard to forget. Yes, I know, there are only twenty minutes on this CD, but that just forces me to wipe the dust of that “repeat” button on my stereo, and keep banging my head.

The other thing is that Terrörhammer doesn’t use the crappy production work to make their music “kvlt” or “necro”. Sure, there are some echoing effects on the vocals, but it makes no difference. This EP is another proof that it can be done with (relatively) clear sound, and still sound old school. You just need to focus on bringing the fresh ideas on the existing patterns.

Nothing more to add, except the fact that I would sure love to hear them live sometimes. Maybe it is time for them to rent a cheap, filthy bar somewhere in Serbia. I’m sure it would be hell on Earth.

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