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Review: Teratoma- Overtures of the Flesh

by Bart Tomaszewski

Teratoma- Overtures of the Flesh

1. Overtures of the Flesh
2. Putrid Domain
3. Uncsanny Valley
4. Across the Empty Graves
5. Shadows of Bedlam
6. Suicide Foresdt
7. Wonderlies
8. Coronation
9. 1985
Label: Base Record Production
Date: December 23, 2019

Metal scene or even music itself are fascinating and in my opinion some social phenomenon. I mean, people in all ages listen and play it. New fans and musicians are coming all the time to keep Metal flames away! Thanks to it some bands can reunite after decade or even more of non-being. Sometimes also happens that members of some group feel imperative to make Metal noise after long time. It was just like that in case of Teratoma. Guys decided to create Death Metal once again after long twelve years and let’s be honest – this is very good Death Metal.

Well, Teratoma had a long break in existence, but number of their releases is something at least puzzling. In first period it was only demo “…from Inside” (1996) and debut album “The Terato-Genus Reborn” (2000). After reborn in 2015 came “Rehearsal Demo 2016” and digital EP “In the Inside… Reborn of Flesh” next year. Now we have with their second album to do. And tell you what. During listening to this stuff I feel like I was again in nineties! There’s everything, including cover art, what would include schoolbook “How to create good Old School Death Metal album”, if it existed. Riffs are broken and brutal, even if tempo isn’t mostly too fast. They also change quite often. Actually this is middle one, as on Death Metal, of course. However, they know very well how to speed up and it happens not so rarely, by the way! We have a lot of technique on here. It takes both guitars and drum, as well as bass. But the most important for guys is brutality. Anyways, you can hear what bands and style of playing Death Metal is the biggest influence and close to their heart for our brothers from capital of Catalonia. But to check it out, you need to do it yourselves.

Tito has very original and quite original growling. Well, don’t afraid! This is pure Death Metal, deep and brutal one. Of course I could find some other vocalists to compare to, but since I hate to compare… By the way, to  don’t write a fuckin’ book or even the novel about this stuff, I’ll say only one thing on the end of the review: BUY OR DIE!



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