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Review: Tenebrositas / Xerion – Split

by Miloš Šebalj
Xerion - Tenebrositas

Tenebrositas / Xerion – Split

  1. Tenebrositas – My Grim Dominion
  2. Xerión – O augurio do imutável
  3. Xerión – Invernia
  4. Xerión – Liçom de tebras
  5. Xerión – Na memória do esquecimento
Label: Nigra Mors Productions / Worship The Abyss
Date: September 9, 2018

It’s been a while since I had a chance to listen to a new record by my favorite Galizian band. They haven’t been asleep in the meantime. Having a newborn in the band, I guess sleeping was pretty much out of the question on all accounts. And Xerion is again sharing a release with a band from the Balkans. This time it is Croatian Tenebrositas, relatively new formation, but well on its way when it comes to the discography.

Opening, on side “A” (because both bands are used to presenting themselves on tape format), is Tenebrositas, one-man band from Požega, with a single song. “My Grim Dominion” was released earlier this year as an EP, yet here it is finally presented in all its glory. When I say glory… Tenebrositas performs minimalistic and raw Black Metal “by the book”. Right from the start, my problem was the knowledge that this track lasts for 19 minutes. I knew before even listening it would be too much for my taste. Especially in that particular genre. Not to say that this song is monotonous. It is not. Things do happen there. The track flows from fast to slow rhythms (and back), switching easily from passage to passage, and doesn’t lose the line in the process. Yet, after a while, it gets too repetitive. I have listened to the previous works by Tenebrositas and it seems “kktz” (as the leader of the band is signed) has a way of making his primitive Black Metal much more interesting in shorter format. The song is closed with an ambient outro which perfectly captures the atmosphere around it.

“B” side brings forth the extreme Galizian Metal. I have written about Xerion many times before. Apart of that, they have a long history, so the worshippers of the Underground should be well aware of their presence. They have recorded four new songs for the split release. It is obvious Xerion takes the core for their creation from pretty much the same place as their Croatian counterpart on the tape. On the other hand, Galizian duo enriches their music with certain folklore motives which are hidden from the plain sight, yet omnipresent in the atmosphere surrounding their tracks. So, no, none of those silly “oompa loompa” parts. Just Black Metal supported by an atmosphere that evokes nostalgic feelings of the forgotten days. Also, you get some unusual pieces here and there. Unusual when it comes to Black Metal, however, an expected occurrence on many Xerion releases. Clear choral introductions following the mentioned traditional passages, for one. Subtle keyboards on occasion elevate the emotional parts and create a nice aura around the song.

The tape itself is nicely printed, and wrapped in a beautiful slipcase which could bring a touch of class to your tape shelves. Still, do not buy it because of the design. There is some good music to be found here. Oh, and feel free to contact both bands (or the labels, since they are in their hands as well). I know both of them, they are great guys, and have a lot to offer. Be it their own releases of their extensive distro offers. Check them out, and fill your collections!

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