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Review: Temple Balls – Untamed

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Temple Balls
Temple Balls

Temple Balls – Untamed

1. Infinity
2. Kill The Voice
3. Distorted Emotions
4. Pauline
5. Ball And Chain
6. Leap Of Faith
7. Hoist the Colours
8. Seven Seas Of Wonder
9. Badlands
10. The End

Label: Warner Music Finland
Date: March 8, 2019

My first listening of this album was under influence of quite a few beers and to be honest I was blown away! It might not be the best way to start reviewing an album but hey, at least it’s honest (ha-ha).

What got me into reviewing this album was seeing their producer’s (Jona Tee of H.E.A.T) Instagram stories so I thought I might check these guys out. What a good decision that was. To get the better insight of what Temple Balls are about I decided to listen their debut album “Traded Dreams”.

“Untamed” starts on a high note and continues the same way, fuelled with pure adrenaline. Good!

“Kill The Voice” might be the heaviest song on album and along with the other single “Distorted Emotions” really captures the general tune of the whole album. Those two songs plus “The End” are probably the tracks that stand out the most though there is not a single weak song here and it was hard to choose which ones to single out.

Now this part is complicated to write. When you are listening this album for the first time you’ll see that all tracks are great and you’ll like the whole album but probably won’t find some that will be stuck in your head even though all songs are catchy. It’s weird, I know. So, if you liked this album and are willing to give it a few more shots you’ll probably find your favourites. I think I have.

Scandinavian hard rock, sleaze rock or glam however you want to name just doesn’t seem to disappoint and Temple Balls’ “Untamed” is for all those who like to have a good time while rocking and rolling! I recommend it!

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