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Review: T.O.M.B. – Thin The Veil

by Metal Jacket


T.O.M.B. – Thin The Veil

1. No Return
2. Where The Wretched Lurk
3. Pestilence
4. Invocation
5. Thin The Veil
6. Decapitation Of The Gods
7. Lunar Reckoning
8. Escape From Phlegethon
9. License To Depart
10. Pure Noise Necromancy
11. Hellmouth

Label: Dark Essence Records
Date: January 24, 2020

Black Metal has never been a stranger to fusions. From Folk elements to Sci-fi infused blast beats and growls, the genre has, throughout its life spawn, joined forces with whatever sound men could come up with, in order to create the most terrifying beast humanly conceivable.

Industrial sounds, the closest one can get to a working steel factory, that is how I picture bands like Mysticum, Blacklodge or Aborym; do I dare add Samael’s electronic oriented stage?! I do dare! It does, in the end, result in a harsh sounding, painful experience indeed. In the end, the feeling you extract from said pieces, is petrifying.

Total Occultic Mechanical Blasphemy has been crafting their very specific brand of Industrial Black Metal since 2003, set in an Occult scenario, a Séance of thoughts and sounds. Much more than just Music, T.O.M.B.’s music is a gateway to a higher spiritual layer of human existence. Its high, strong, punishing musical constructions, guiding the listener through its journey.

It is not of easy assimilation, it is not of immediate understanding. More than Music, it is a Mass. Its pounding drums! Its punitive, chaotic vocals! Bondage and Satan worship. It might sound foolish… Or does it not?! The factory, steel, boiling steel… That image of a steel factory does not leave my mind, for a second, while listening to this album. Music has that ability, to create images, to walk you through frames of (un)reality and related images. Percussion is immensely present. Besides the more than obvious drum, we have all sorts of rhythmic details… one more vessel of Shamanic Sounds (“Lunar Reckoning”… Oh the drums, they beat the drums…)

But Black Metal is not forgotten, and the band shows it in “Thin The Veil”. It is not your standard Black Metal, for it has small drops of what we could call Doom, Drone… Both genres walk hand in hand with the Industrial and the Black Metal atmospheres of this album, creating this oh so complex beast!

Again, not of easy listening, not of easy understanding. It might sound, at times, repetitive, but is all part of the bigger picture. Steel clashes steel. That sound, that oh so heavy sound… Overall, and as stated more than once throughout this small review, it is a “hard to take” piece of Music. Sometimes it loses its instant melody, just to replace it with… Factory sounding music.

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